SOLD OUT – 5th July

Date and Time:

5th July 2020 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Event Location:

Ace Combat Airsoft , Brenchley

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About The Event


  • £25.00 – Walk on Player to supply own BRING OWN LUNCH AND DRINKS
  • Please arrive on site BEFORE 08.45 am
    • Hand sanitiser stations have been placed around the site and customers will be asked to use the stations upon arrival.
    • Player briefing is held outdoors in area’s which will allow social distancing.
    • All field regens will only allow one customer at a time
    • Check-in desk as well as chip and pin device will be sanitised before and after every use.
    • Toilets are cleaned and sanitised throughout the day.
    • NO FOOD being prepared, please bring your own food and drink
    • No Tea and Coffee ☹
    • Price reduced to £25.00
    • No rentals
    • Our site is a woodland venues with lots of space outdoors to assist with the social distancing measures
    • We will be running game days with reduced numbers of players to accommodate the social distancing requirements. Due to this we may have less spaces than normal available so please check out the website for all our dates and hopefully we will be able to  accommodate your booking.


    • Please sanitise your hands before coming to site using the sanitiser station in the carpark.
    • IMPORTANT – Stay at home if you or any member of your household are showing any symptoms of the COVID-19 infection.
    • For the time being we ask if you can use your car as your base for the day.
    • Marshalls will greet you in the carpark to let you know what to do about check in.


    • Maintain social distancing at all times
    • Ensure you keep your equipment with you at all times and never use or touch anyone else’s equipment
    • Strictly no spitting and if you need to cough/clear your throat cover your mouth with your arm or use a tissue
    • Sanitise hands regularly
    • We cannot be responsible for any valuables
    • All rubbish must be taken home with you
    • Keep at least a Two metre distance from everyone at all times
    • Every surface will be cleaned on a regular basis using antibacterial products.
    • We will unfortunately not be able to accept spectators.


    All toilets have hand sanitiser and will be regularly cleaned by a member of staff, although we would ask where possible to help us reduce toilet use as much as possible.


    Please park leaving an extra car space between you and the next vehicle. Both cars should be able to open their door full without touching.


    Please note there is a known risk associated in being in a public space with others but we are doing all we can to reduce the risk of spreading the infection. For more information please visit the governments website




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