Dive into Action: On-Site Perks at Ace Combat Airsoft

Forget scrambling to find all the gear and essentials before your airsoft battles. Ace Combat Airsoft in Kent has you covered – from equipment and snacks to those little extras that elevate your game day experience.

Gearing Up – We’ve Got Your Back

  • Rental Equipment: “New to airsoft or bringing a friend who’s curious? Not ready to invest in your own gear just yet? Don’t sweat it! Our on-site shop, run by airsoft experts at Platoon Stores in Rochester, stocks a wide selection of guns. Choose from AEG assault rifles, snappy gas pistols, and all the tactical bits like rigs, gloves, and clothing to get that authentic operator look.” And because we understand how precious your gear is, you’ll even find spare parts to get you back in action ASAP.”
  • Pro-Shop Supplies: “Already own your kit but forgot some BBs or need a backup gas canister? Our shop has you covered with various summer and winter gases, CO2 and HPA refills, and various weights of plastic BBs for all your skirmishing needs. And because we understand how precious your gear is, you’ll even find spare parts to get you back in action ASAP.”

Beyond the Essentials – The Ace Combat Difference

  • Pyrotechnics Galore: “Ready to up the ante and add realism to your games? Enola Gaye supplies our pyrotechnics. Smoke grenades in a rainbow of colours. Check! Field grenades and thunder flashes for intense moments? Absolutely! Just be sure to use them responsibly.”
  • Fuelling Up: “Nobody likes a meltdown – the hangry kind, that is! Our snack shop stocks chocolate, crisps, soft drinks, and complimentary tea and coffee for those well-deserved breaks. Feeling peckish for something more substantial? Pre-order a hearty BBQ lunch through our website, and savour those smoky flavours without ever leaving the site.”
  • Capturing the Action: “Remember that amazing flank you pulled off against the odds? Our on-site photographer captures all the epic moments – no selfies in awkward poses required! Check out the gallery on our website to relive those action-packed airsoft memories.”
  • Joining the Elite: “Ready to take your airsoft experience to the next level? Becoming a UKARA-registered player opens up endless possibilities. Attend three games with us, and you’ll be eligible to purchase those awesome airsoft guns and customise your loadout just how you like it.”
  • Ace Combat Club: “Want exclusive deals and perks? Join the Ace Combat Airsoft club! You’ll receive discounts on walk-on fees, our on-site shop, and other VIP treatment!”

Awards & Skill-Building

  • Player of the Day: “Stand out for your sportsmanship, teamwork, and those heart-stopping plays, and you could win our coveted Player of the Day award – complete with a free event voucher and a special Ace Combat dog tag you can’t buy anywhere else!”
  • Honing Your Skills: “Need to dial in your rifle or test out a new sight? Head over to our target range for some practice and zeroing, ensuring you’re ready to conquer those long-range shots during the main event.”

Ready for an All-Inclusive Airsoft Adventure in Kent?

Remember, good game days are rarely just about the skirmishes themselves. The little things, from getting outfitted quickly to fuelling up and celebrating those glorious victories, create a well-rounded, unforgettable experience. And at Ace Combat Airsoft, that’s exactly what we want to give you!