• £28.00 – Walk on Player to supply own kit   Tea & Coffee
  • £53.00 – Rental Package (as below)  Tea & Coffee
  • ASG M4 GUN

When booking please fill out a booking form. Once we have received your booking form you will get a confirmation. If you require gun rental a Paypal link will be sent to you to pay us a deposit of £25.00 you do not need a Paypal account as we have one,(you can pay by credit/debit card).The remainder is to be paid in cash on the day. If you are unable to come  and let us know the Friday before the event we will refund you your deposit. 



Tea and coffee are provided within all of our packages and Lunch is £6.00 which includes 1 x Bacon and 1 x sausage and a can of drink (not energy drinks) (Vegetarian option available) All must be booked via the website and paid upfront through paypal. 

Site Shop

  • BB’s Ammunition x 3000 – sizes 0.2, 0.25, 0.28 or 0.3
  • Pyrotechnics Frag Grenade, Smokes,  
  • Green Gas
  • Drinks, chocolate, snacks 
  • Please note you have to be 18yrs and over to purchase pyro


  • PLATOON STORES JOIN US EVERY WEEK WITH THEIR SITE SHOP FULL OF AIRSOFT GOODIES, if there is something you would like them to bring to the site please check out their website and contact Platoon Stores
  • Tel: 01634 829063
  • Email

we also have Luke Hawkes  Photography who takes all our photos, which can be purchased from his website after the events, he can be hired for all aspects of Photography

Advance Booking Strongly Advised!

To avoid disappointment customers are advised to pre-book before the event, please contact us to secure a place at an ACE COMBAT event. Please complete the Booking Form to submit your booking request, the completed form must be submitted by the times stipulated to guarantee weapons availability.

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