About Airsoft

 Airsoft is a military simulation game similar to paintball, but much more realistic.  Airsoft games are played in, around buildings, and in outdoor areas, to defeat an opposing team in the Kent countryside.

Instead of messy paintballs, the guns fire BBs (6mm plastic balls, most often weighing a fifth of a gram). The guns look very realistic, replicating their real life counterparts. Hence, machine guns can fire up to 15 rounds per second, shotguns fire many at once, and sniper guns fire slowly but with more accuracy. Being hit stings a little, but causes no lasting pain.

The game started in Japan, and is now played all over the world. It is legal in the UK. As with all replica weapons, care and respect must be given at all times. For example, they should be out of public sight during transport, and never fired at animals or non-consenting people.

Who can play?

Anyone over the age of 16 can play airsoft or between the ages of 11 & 16 with parent consent. People who play Airsoft come from all walks of life with a varying experience. It is recommended that players are in general good physical condition. it is also brilliant for Team Building, birthday parties, stag and hen events this is  why Kent Airsoft Parties in the Woods are a Hit”

Is it dangerous?

There is a very small associated risk of injuring yourself, as with any outdoor activity. Full training will be given, but of course, common sense prevails at all times. The games are great fun, but never at the expense of safety.

What kit do I need to play?

You can rent all equipment from us with the exception of footwear (book in advance to guarantee availability).

    • Airsoft gun (not exceeding site’s power limit)
    • Eye protection made from impact resistant materials. Full-face protection is recommended however is essential for under 16.
    • Camouflage clothing is best for concealment but not essential. Otherwise, dark clothes are recommended.
    • Boots with sturdy ankle support are essential, however trainers are permitted in the summer months.
    • A change of clothes is recommended for the journey home especially socks and footwear.

What is an average game day like?

    • 8.15am Gates Open
    • Booking in Opens: 8.20am
    • Please book in and get your armband before going to the Chrono. We will be taking note of any FPS failures against the player number
    • Chrono Opens: 8.40am Closes: 9.30am All guns checked to ensure they are firing within the allowed limits.
    • 9.45am Full safety briefing given to all players.
    • 10.00am First game of the day commences.
    • 1.00pm Lunch
    • 1.45pm Game recommences
    • 4.00pm Game ends or until we lose the light in the winter.

The games usually involve two opposing teams.

Many different game scenarios are used and can involve attacking and defending.


Airsoft Kent is a fantastic activity that will:

    • Increase your ability to make decisions when under pressure.
    • Enjoy new challenges and work as a team.
    • Make new friends.
    • Improve your fitness without even realising it.
    • Above all, it is great fun! at our Kent airsoft site. 

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