Site & Safety Rules


  • On arrival at ACE COMBAT Airsoft site, please park your vehicle in the designated parking area. (Note all vehicles are left at owner’s risk).
  • Report to the check-in area (safe zone) where we will ask you to pay fees, and sign and complete a disclaimer and sign to confirm you have read the terms. Players under the age of 16 must have a disclaimer form signed by their parent or guardian before they will be allowed to play.
  • Anyone who has a medical condition of any kind should inform a member of staff before play. You will be advised on the procedure to be carried out on the day. This could include such things as heart problems, asthma or allergies.
  • If you have pre-booked equipment (kit/weapons) to rent from us please inform us on arrival. You may be able to rent on the day subject to availability.
  • When the whole group is present a member of staff will give you a detailed safety briefing, along with various rules and guidelines for the day’s activities.

Note: if you are bringing your own weapons take them to the site practice range where our armourer will check the muzzle velocity, using a chronoscope. Weapons exceeding this velocity and gas rifles may only be used on the practice range and are strictly prohibited in the combat game area. The only exception to this rule is sniper rifles, this is completely at our discretion and the permission to use such rifles may be withdrawn at any time during the day. Strict conditions of engagement would be imposed on sniper rifles exceeding our standard power limit.
If any time during play an airsoft weapon is believed to exceed the site’s limit it will be checked.

  Site Limits:

  • Pistols – 360 FPS (1.2j) with a 02.g BB
  • Full Auto – 360 FPS (1.2j) with a 02.g BB
  • Semi Locked AEG/GBBR/HPA (DMR) – 450 FPS (1.87j) with a 0.2g BB. Age 18+ (side arm as back up only).
  • Bolt Action Sniper – 500 FPS (2.31j) with a 02.g BB (No Gas). Age 18+ (side arm as back up only).
  • All HPA is allowed but must have a tournament lock fitted but NO DRUM MAGS.
  • C02 is  permitted onsite
  • Under 18’s Bolt Action Sniper – 400 FPS (1.48j) with a 0.2g BB (No Gas. (Side arm as backup only).
  • Players using the higher fps limits will be monitored throughout the day and will always be subject to our discretion.
  • These limits are the maximum allowed with the site chronoscope and there is no additional leeway. Any reading over the limit will mean that the weapon cannot be used.
  • Semi locked must not be capable of full auto.
  • Anything over 360 FPS has a Minimum Engagement Distance of 30m.
  • Anything over 360 FPS must not use high capacity magazines.
  • Anything over 360 FPS must not engage in trigger spamming.
  • Gas weapons will be monitored for FPS creep..


Your safety is of paramount important to us. Shown below are the main site and safety rules which must be complied with at all times. This will ensure that your day with us will be enjoyable and safe. A mobile phone will be available to call emergency services in the event of an accident and there is a comprehensive first aid kit provided on site as well as qualified first-aiders being available.

Protective Kit

Goggles or full face masks must be worn on site at all times except in the safe zone area. (Note if using your own eyewear it must be made from impact resistant materials i.e. polycarbonate approved eyewear.)We advise full face protection. Any person under the age of 16 MUST wear a full face mask, as compulsory. If a player is found not wearing the correct eye/face protection they will be asked to leave the site. It is your eyesight that you will be risking. Approved eyewear/ face masks are available for purchase or hire on site, but availability is not guaranteed unless pre-ordered.
It is strongly advised that head protection be worn but this is at your own discretion. Boots are a must to protect your ankles


All magazines are to be removed and weapons discharged before entering the safe area. All weapons are to be placed on safety whilst you are in the safe zone area. Any person deliberately firing an airsoft weapon in the safezone will be asked to leave the site.

Game Procedure

  • In the event of an emergency or any other reason why a game must be stopped a signal (whistle) will inform everyone to stop play.
  • Close Quarter Battle (CQB) if your opponent is at close range you should give them the opportunity to surrender. Deliberate head shots at close range will result in that player being spoken to and penalised. Head shots are only permitted when there is no other part of your opponent visible and they are not at close range. Blind fire is not permitted; weapons must not be hung around corners and discharged blindly, as this could result in a player being hit several times in the face at close range. Players need to be able to identify their target. If a player signifies that they have been hit and raises their arm, no further deliberate shots should be taken upon that person. This does not include ammunition that may already be in flight.
  • When you are hit, shout “hit”, signify that you are out by standing up and raising your hands or weapon above your head and walking off the field. When turning a corner or going around objects that obstruct vision, you can call out dead man walking to warn other players that you are not still in the game. If you are in the thick of a fire fight feel free to wait on the field with your hands raised until it is clear to pass.
  • Overkill – avoid overkill at all times, it only takes one round to eliminate someone – there is no need to continue shooting, although a certain amount of BB’s may still be in flight after the initial hit.


If a smoke grenade is activated then do not attempt to pick it up as it will be very hot and could cause serious burns if touched. If thunder flashes or BB grenades are used, and do not detonate after you have thrown them – LEAVE THEM ALONE – DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PICK THEM UP! Never throw pyro at another player. Pyrotechnics will be on sale but these must be used on the day or returned. They must not be removed from site. They are not available to anyone under the age of eighteen. Ammo (BBs) will also be on sale.
You may only use smoke or BB grenades that have been approved for use by ACE COMBAT


  • The combat game area is defined mostly by wire fences and tree lines but boundary tape will outline the less obvious boundaries. And players should not play in any other area, or outside of the boundary tape.
  • Do not climb up or on trees, do not deliberately damage shrubs, trees, plants or structures.
  • Some areas of the land may be slippery and uneven and players should take adequate care when entering or playing in these areas, particularly in wet weather.
  • Be aware that there may be fallen trees, logs, brambles and other obstructions on the ground and care should be taken when moving around them. There are some large bomb craters on site that may be filled with deep water from time to time; there is also a stream and 2 ponds on sight.
  • Be aware of car wreckage, electric fence, gradients and branches that are at head height. Caution should be used when near any of these areas mentioned above.
  • Structures have been built to enhance the playing enjoyment but are not permanent and adequate care should be taken not to interfere with them so as to render them unsafe.
  • Props are not to be moved unless instructed in the game rules.
  • You are not allowed under any circumstances to shoot at any birds or animals that may be present. Anyone found doing so will be banned from the site. Knives/bayonets are not permitted on site.


Our marshals will be available throughout the day to answer any questions and to take appropriate action should any rules be broken. All players must except a marshal’s decision as final, and remember…. it is a game!