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11071084 953865181312329 570667359350038850 nAce Combat has been operating from our Brenchley site for over ten years with countless players getting their first taste of airsoft at this easygoing site . As well as being an excellent place for beginners, the mixture of woodland, open ground and tactical structures makes the site suitable for all levels of experience with many long standing regulars still coming back for more. The scale of the battlezone means you’re always close to the action whether it’s an intense firefight or a long mission.

The land is also a registered blasting area which allows us to make use of military grade battlefield simulation pyrotechnics in selected scenarios in addition to the regular trips and traps we use on a regular basis. The ever popular Nerf Mortar is also used to add an extra dimension to the experience and send players scurrying for cover!11078153 953865141312333 1212550831341964616 n

The safezone has a fully enclosed shelter with lighting along with separate men’s and ladies toilets along and a well-stocked shop selling snacks, drinks and essential airsoft gear. Free tea, coffee and water are available all day long as well as limited charging facilities.

Full Auto: 360 fps Max using 0.2g BB's

Pistols :360 fps Max using 0.2g BB's

Under 18 Sniper: 400 fps Max using 0.2g BB's
Over 18 DMR: (Semi Locked): 450 fps Max using 0.2g BB's
Over 18 Sniper: 500 fps Max using 0.2g BB's

  1. All weapons must be tested with 0.2g BB’s
  2. All weapons over 360 fps must be tested using site provided BB’s
  3. All weapons will be tested for 3 shots and recorded on the Chrono Sheet.
  4. Any reading over the applicable max will be regarded as a FAIL and the weapon will have a cable tie attached to the trigger guard. The cable tie is to be removed by the Chief Marshalls only assuming the weapon has been modified to pass the test and is deemed fit for use.
  5. No CO2 weapons of any kind. No gas snipers or DMR’s of any kind.
  6. Any attempt to cheat the test will result in disciplinary action.
  7. Random tests will be carried out during the day.
  8. The Chief Marshalls decisions are final.

Pyrotechnics: Tlsfx, Enola Gaye, Spectrum

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Airsoft is a military simulation game similar to paintball, but much more realistic.... 


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