newlogosmallYou will be asked to complete and sign the following disclaimer. You can download the form here.

I the undersigned understand that I agree to play entirely at my own risk and recognise that there are hazards such as fallen trees, rabbit holes car wreckage, deep water and other hazards and that the Bb’s fired can bruise and break the skin.
I confirm that I believe myself to be physically fit and have no known medical conditions to stop me  participate in the game. I recognise that the game may require a high level of exertion. I shall at all times conform to the safety rules as set out and further instructions or additional rules laid out by the staff.

I agree that all the equipment hired to me will be returned at the end of the event. Any damaged or missing equipment may incur a charge.

I confirm that I am over 16 years of age and have read and fully understand the terms of this document.
I also confirm I have read Terms & Conditions of Ace Combat.
You will be indicating your consent to receiving email marketing messages from us unless you have indicated an objection to receiving such messages by leaving the email box empty.

What is Airsoft? 

Airsoft is a military simulation game similar to paintball, but much more realistic.... 


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